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George X

‘Every Colour Illuminates’

Nothing embodies summer like bright colours, except maybe sunshine. Designer’s didn’t hold back as they showcased, bold and bright pieces from head-to-toe. Let’s get colourful shall we?

Emilia Wickstead went soft and feminine with cropped elbow length tops and long skirts; sticking to a pretty pinks and yellow. Playing with shape, a key item was a striped flowing duo-tone creation, cropped at the front. The designer kept accessories bare except for the odd bold box-style handbag and classic pointed heels.

Going for brighter is better, Prada showed of imaginative designs. Crossing over several trends, embellished coats and dresses donned rainbow patterns and artistic faces. Colour blocking and (and clashing) was key: red, blue and yellow being dominant. Below-the-knee sport socks and chunky bracelets gave the looks an edge.

Jeremy Scott brightened up the runway with sixties inspired mini dresses, multi-coloured streaks running vertically. Matching boots and bouffant style hair completed the looks. Paul Smith stuck to one colour with a selection of low cleavage suits while Chanel went all out with frilled and patterned long dresses.



-pictures owned by Vogue UK

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